Frequently asked questions

What our customers ask regarding healthcare management.


Making Quality Healthcare Affordable


Based on our unique integrated service proposition, managed care approach, health risk management expertise and customer focus, MedNet delivers customised and innovative solutions at all levels of the health value chain. Our services and solutions are suitable for a variety of clients including Private Health Insurers, Self-funded schemes, Government Health Plans, Insured Members and Healthcare Providers.

MedNet's Value Proposition

  •  Efficiently facilitating high quality healthcare services for the individual  

  •  Enhancing healthcare related products and services targeting innovation
      for our clients to increase their sales, profitability, customer satisfaction and retention     

  •  Superior and comprehensive medical management leading to better healthcare outcomes

  •  Process excellence leading to superior quality services and ongoing expense ratio optimization

  •  Active network management ensuring access to best quality healthcare provision

  •  Transparent partner in all financial, claims and data related areas

Our services reach beyond the mere provision of administrative support for healthcare products and are enhanced by product design, pricing support, medical risk evaluation, medical management, healthcare provider (network) management, claims management, training and consulting services.

As a specialised health risk manager, our expertise and processes draw on Munich Health’s global best practices and unsurpassed integrated know-how in reinsurance, primary insurance and healthcare services.