Frequently asked questions

What our customers ask regarding healthcare management.



Any country other than the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

Access Card

A personalised card issued in the name of each Beneficiary, facilitating his/her access to the Healthcare services covered under this Insurance Policy and provided by the Network.


Any sudden and unforeseen event, occurring to a victim beyond his/her control and resulting in a Bodily Injury, the cause of which, is violent and external to the victim’s own body.

Active at Work

The work situation of any Employee reporting regularly and on a permanent and full time basis to his work place and performing the usual and normal duties of his occupation in conformity with the employment conditions.

Application Form

Written statement of facts, requested by the Insurer and duly completed and signed by the Policyholder, on the basis of which the Insurer will carry out an Underwriting in full accordance with the general provisions of this Insurance Policy. Two types of Application Forms are in use:

Initial Application Form: The first Application filled by the Policyholder/and or by his/her Legal Dependent(s) (as defined hereafter).

Subsequent Application Form:Any form that the Policyholder completes, requesting the introduction of modifications to the Insurance Policy in force, and/or addition/deletion of Beneficiary (ies) in full conformity with the general provisions of this Insurance Policy.