Frequently asked questions

What our customers ask regarding healthcare management.


In order to provide superior customer experience, we ensure that your grievances and complaints are resolved in a timely manner. We address your complaints to conclusion while initiating operational changes to prevent future re-occurrences.

For your convenience, we offer multiple channels to send us your complaints. MedNet’s customer service team will address your complaint and provide an update once every 2 working days, until it is resolved. 

We encourage you to use our ‘Online Complaint Management System’ which will deliver your complaint to us and also help you track the status of your complaint until it is resolved. Your ticket number will give you a real time update on the status of your complaint and our action. To take you through the route:

  • Your complaint once recorded in the ticket system, electronically generates a unique ticket number.
  • The ticket number and a link is sent to your mail address captured.
  • Using the link you can view your ticket status and be a part of our communication thread.

For immediate access to reach us your complaints, please use the link below: