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What our customers ask regarding healthcare management.

Our Insured Members

As a MedNet member, you have access to high-quality healthcare services, delivered through a network of pre-screened and accredited healthcare providers.

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MedNet works with your treating physicians to monitor and steer the healthcare service delivery to ensure better healthcare outcomes. This is done by:

1. Prospective Case Management of intensive and interventional services ensures that our member’s receive the most appropriate treatment in the best healthcare setting available as per their chosen network. This is also referred as 'Pre-authorization'.

2. Concurrent Case Management of your ongoing treatment ensures that you receive the optimum treatment as per medical best-practices and internationally-accepted Clinical Pathways & Guidelines.

3. Retrospective Case Management of the delivered treatment ensures that we examine the appropriateness of care offered to you while limiting and occasionally, eliminating over-utilization. This ensures that we incrementally improve your healthcare outcomes every time you return for another treatment.

4. Referral Management (or ‘2nd Opinion’ referrals) ensures that we establish the appropriateness and medical necessity of your planned treatment. This also provides you with an opportunity to discuss the planned treatment with another specialist, other than your treating doctor, thus giving you assurance on the planned course of treatment as well as other available treatment options, if any.